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Build people, not tech

Build people, not tech

Retrospectives, build-measure-learn and continuous improvement are all activities and practices that companies and their agile teams do to support project delivery and product development.

I think this is wrong.

These things are way too important to be only supporting the business.

Not long ago, businesses used technology to accelerate, to automate, to improve themselves somehow. Teams would form, the technological product would be built, and the business would cary on with its life.

It is different now. The business is the technology. The very existence of the business depends on the continuous production and operation of technology.

Because of that, companies should focus not on producing technology but on continuously cultivating people’s capabilities.

Retrospectives, build-measure-learn and continuous improvement must abandon the position of supporting activities and occupy business’ center of attention. Teams and their learning capabilities – not their products – are business’ competitive advantage. And this should reflect on investments, recruiting and promotions.

Technology companies must transform into knowledge and skills companies.